'Celebrity Big Brother': [Spoiler] Is Fourth Evicted Houseguest

Omarosa Manigault hoped to get her revenge on Monday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, but it did not work out quite as she hoped. The houseguest she wanted to see leave got to stay.

During the live episode, Metta World Peace became the fourth evicted houseguest.

After winning the seat-sitting competition during Sunday's episode, Omarosa became the new Head of the Household. She nominated Ross Matthews and Brandi Glanville for eviction. She also announced a big twist: fans picked the Power of Veto challenge for the Monday episode.

It meant that none of the guests could plot ways to play the challenge ahead of time. The two nominees for eviction were not surprising. Omarosa seemed to have a rivalry going with Ross, who frequently pestered her with questions about her time working for President Donald Trump and the 2016 campaign.

Meanwhile, Brandi became a target after it was revealed that she was the one houseguest who did not vote for Shannon Elizabeth's eviction last week. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who was also on the Celebrity Apprentice once, showed signs of remorse for her decision. That still did not help her popularity in the house.

Before the live game, we saw a montage of Omarosa trying to break up the alliances. There was also a segment of the group reading fan letters. Omarosa was asked what she thought was the most interesting part of her White House experience. She said it was the 10 days when Anthony Scaramucci was President Trump's White House director of communications.

Fans picked the VIP Veto Power, which means the winner can use the veto twice if they want. They can veto one of the nominees, then wait for the HoH (Omarosa). If the winner choses to, he or she could veto the net nominee.

The difficult game was "Club BB," where the houseguests had to put together a puzzle. Ross was the first person to accomplish this to win the Power of Veto. Ross used the PoV on himself, then Omarosa nominated Metta World Peace. Ross then declined to use the second veto. The houseguests had to decide who to vote for next.


Metta suddenly wanted to go home, and everyone made his wish come true. Brandi could breath a sigh of relief.

The first three celebs to leave the house were Shannon Elizabeth, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Chuck Liddell. Metta and Keshia both left after pleading with the other houseguests to let them leave the Big Brother house.