Bobby Flay Reveals His 'Serious Weakness' Food Amid His New Show on Discovery+ (Exclusive)

Bobby Flay and longtime friend Giada De Laurentiis launched their new show, Bobby and Giada in Italy on Discovery+ and are giving their fans a new taste of classic foods. The new show follows the celebrity chefs around in Italy as they cook and eat throughout the beautiful countryside, testing out new flavors, improving old ones and more. In an exclusive interview with for the PopCulture @ Home series, Flay details why he was smiling from "ear-to-ear" throughout each episode and reveals to fans his favorite cheat meal.

"I'm completely obsessed with Italy. Like, I always say Italy has my heart and it has my soul. It's the place that when I wanna get on a plane and go somewhere, it's someplace in Italy, whether it's Rome or Tuscany or the Amalfi coast," the 56-year-old said while discussing his recent partnership with Verizon as they've teamed up with Discovery+, adding how "great" Italy is. Flay says that when he received texts and calls from friends and family who watched his new show, they couldn't help but notice he was "smiling from ear-to-ear" throughout all four hours he says it's because of the wonderful food and atmosphere the historic places have to offer. "For somebody like me who cooks for a living and food is such an important part of not just my career, but my lifestyle and my social life, as well, when I'm able to eat a Porchetta sandwich and then have a Campari soda and then go to Tuscany and make fresh fettuccine with wild boar, then Giada make some beautiful, fresh fig salad, it's just constant," he explained.

"You're just consuming all this incredible food and wine, and there's just an aura of, take a breath and enjoy life." While Flay is able to bring so much life and flavor to his meals through ingredients and love, he does have a guilty pleasure food. While he noted that because he appreciates fresh ingredients, he doesn't consume a lot of processed foods, but that gelato is one of his favorite things to eat.

"Well, I always eat good ingredient food, so I don't usually eat any sort of processed foods," Flay started to say when asked what his guilty pleasure food was. "It's really not what I go for, but I will tell you that my serious weakness — anybody that works with me or knows me as a friend, knows that my serious weakness is gelato. I will sit and make gelato bar by myself and just spread out amazing flavors of gelato and sauces and different kinds of nuts, and that's my thing."


While Flay is celebrating the launch of Bobby and Giada in Italy, he's also gearing up to open an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. The chef says fans can expect to see that in the coming months. For more on Bobby Flay and your other favorite celebrities, keep it right here at