'Big Brother' Couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Reveal Hopes for Their Unborn Child

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are already envisioning the future of their baby on the way.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the couple, who met during Big Brother 19 in 2017, couldn't help but gush about their unborn daughter, whom they believe will follow in their footsteps and appear on a future season of the Amazing Race.

"She's kicking like crazy! She's going to be a future Amazing Race-r, for sure," Graf, who alongside her husband won Season 30 of the CBS competition series, joked.

"I just hope that I encourage her to be outspoken and take charge and [to be] a leader,"she continued on a more serious note. "Those are the qualities I want her to be, happy and smart and [to] formulate her own opinions as opposed to following the masses."

The couple, who announced that they were expecting in September, added that they are not wishing to stop after baby No. 1, and may even want to see their family expand with the addition of up to four more little ones.

"And then after this one, I'm ready for the next one, and the next one, and the one after that!" Nickson said.

"Five is impressive, but I like to think in the future, when they're all grown up and they all come home for the holidays, how great that's gonna be," Graf said.

As for Paisley, Nickson's 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, she couldn't be any more excited that she has a baby sibling on the way, and is already gearing up for her big sister duties.

"She's excited about babysitting," Graf said. "She was asking about that, she's, like, looking forward to that. Having a sister first instead of a brother grew on her, she's very supportive of it. She's gonna be great."

Although the couple is still working on getting baby Nickson's nursery ready for her arrival, they already have a name picked out, though they're not giving many clues away.


"It starts with an 'M,'" Nickson teased. "We've actually been calling her her name for quite a while, so every once in a while it slips out."

Baby M will be Graf and Nickson's first child together. After breaking the exciting news in the fall that they were "over the moon" to be bringing baby M into the world around April 11, 2019, just two days before Nickson's birthday, the couple announced that their little one on the way is a baby girl.