'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Slams 'Ignorant' Comment About Ex Demi Burnett

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood called one fan's opinion "ignorant" after they shared their thoughts on Demi Burnett dating a woman. Essentially, the woman gave a back-handed comment towards Underwood on why she understands Burnett's decision to switch from men to women.

During the beginning of the season on Bachelor in Paradise, Burnett revealed that she had been casually dating a woman named Kristian Haggerty back home after being eliminated from The Bachelor and before heading to Paradise. However, during her time in Mexico, she started developing feelings for Derek Peth, but despite her attraction to the Bachelorette alum, she couldn't get Haggerty off her mind.

"Demi confirmed that she still has these feelings for somebody else, and I don't care if that's a man or a woman," Peth, 31, said on Tuesday's episode. "It's just hard to know that there is another person there."

Little did Peth know that he would eventually meet Burnett's lucky woman because host Chris Harrison flew Haggerty out to appear on the show — which was the first non-Bachelor franchise alum to appear on the show.

"The second that I saw you, I knew — it's you. It's always been you. I want to be with you," Burnett confessed to Haggerty.

After Burnett made it clear to Peth that she was going to "pursue" her relationship with Haggerty, he seemed to take it well, although still not thrilled.

"I don't think that it helped me to meet Kristian, but I wanted to do that because I thought it would help Demi," the commercial banker said during his confessional. "I just want Demi to be happy."


Another Paradise alum — who competed for the heart of JoJo Fletcher during Season 12 of the BacheloretteWells Adams showed his support for Peth on Instagram early this morning by posting a friend "appreciation" video voting to get Peth in the Bachelor seat.

Adams fiancée and actress Sarah Hyland commented on the video posting, "Only person I wouldn't be jealous of by you making a montage video."