See Anna Duggar's Message About 'Sorrow' in 11th Anniversary Message to Josh

Between multiple cheating scandals and an alleged sex addiction, former Counting On star Anna [...]

Between multiple cheating scandals and an alleged sex addiction, former Counting On star Anna Duggar has been through a lot with her husband, Josh. However, despite the issues the two have endured and the very public humiliation, Duggar is proud of the couple's progress and is admitting her "sorrow" in a post celebrating their anniversary.

Duggar and her husband, Josh celebrated a little more than a decade of nuptial bliss on Sept. 26 with a photo of the two shared to her Instagram, throwing it all the way back to their wedding day.

"11 years ago, before God, our family and friends we said, 'I do!' — and my how the past 11 years have flown by!" Duggar wrote. "The joys we've experienced together have far surpassed the shadows of sorrow we've walked through. Through it all, God's kindness and grace has sustained us. I am thankful for the 7 children He has given us together (5 here/1 in heaven/1 due in Nov)! [heart emoji] I love you so much Joshua and look forward to growing old together! (Gotta admit though...being young together is pretty fun too!)"

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It's no secret that Josh put Duggar through the ringer of scandals of mortification over the years. In 2015, he confessed to molesting five underage girls, including four of his own sisters when he was a teenager. While the family attempted to cover up the scandal and keep mum of the subject of sexual abuse, a copy of the report was leaked to the press, and reporters at Life & Style.

Just months later, the Ashley Madison hack revealed Josh had not only one account on the website, but two. The Duggar son later admitted he was unfaithful to his wife, lost his job in D.C., and his series, 19 Kids and Counting on TLC was canceled.

With fans being quite forgiving of Josh's shortcomings, many took to the comments section to congratulate the couple on making it through the tough moments.

"Sweet, my husband's and mine 11 year is Saturday!! Congrats to you and Josh. Y'all have a beautiful family!!" added another.

"Wahoo! One of my favorite couples. Love you two!" wrote another.

"And you took your vows serious and I commend you for proud of you Ana....keep up the God work....we are celebrating 39 years tomorrow," wrote another.

Her sister-in-law, Jill Dillard also remarked with her congratulations to the couple, while Josiah and his wife, Lauren commented, "So thankful for y'all."

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