'1000-lb Sisters' Star Hospitalized in TLC Show's Season 4 Preview

The Slaton sisters are returning to the small-screen on Jan. 17. A preview for the upcoming fourth season of the TLC reality phenomenon 1000-lb Sisters shows 36-year-old Tammy Slaton being taken in an ambulance ahead of her long-awaited gastric bypass surgery. She was rushed to the ER after she was unable to breathe. "Her body is shutting down," sister Amy, 35, said.

In another scary scene, Tammy was in a doctor's office with a tracheostomy to assist her breathing. A doctor later echoed serious concerns, telling her: "I told you Tammy, you have real risks."  She finally underwent a gastric bypass to assist with her weight loss in June 2022. Her weight loss struggles have been long documented, including entering treatment for food addiction.

In the clip, the reality star's brother Chris Combs also shared his fears. "If she doesn't get the surgery she's gonna die because of her weight," he said. Thankfully, she's on the road to a healthier lifestyle and has major support by her side. While at the center for treatment, she began a relationship with a fellow patient. 

Season 4 will chronicle her journey to the altar with Caleb Willingham. The two wed in Nov. 2022 at the same rehab center where they met. TLC posted a video on Instagram at the time of their nuptials. 

The show first debuted in 2020. It follows the weight-loss journey of sisters, Tammy and Amy. at the time the show debuted, both sisters combined weighed over 1,000 pounds and we were co-dependent on one another. But as they aged and yearned for more independent and fulfilling lives, they wanted to be in better health. 

Amy is married now with children. For a while, Tammy continued to struggle. But after her last stint in treatment, she got more serious about her health and committed to the process fully.