We Finally Have An Answer As To Why Starbucks Misspells Names On Cups

Have you ever wondered why Starbucks always seems to spell your name wrong on your cup? Well, the answer has finally arrived as to why this happens, and it might be surprise you that the entire phenomenon is no accident.

According to a new conspiracy video shared by YouTube users Super Deluxe, the filmmakers explain that there is purpose behind misspelling names.

The Super Deluxe team sent out a woman named Molly to five different Starbucks branches. Three of the stores managed to completely screw up the spelling: Molli, Mali, and most incredibly, Mommy.

Even though Molly's name was spelled incorrectly on her coffee cup, there's one image that is consistent with every image of the misspelling: the Starbucks logo.

"Two things: A misspelled name, and that familiar green siren, staring at you with her all-knowing gaze," the narrator of the video says.

Many times when Starbucks baristas totally mess up a name, people take to social media to share the humorous mistake. However, they were unaware the company is banking on people doing that.

Starbucks has a deceptively genius plan to get free marketing on social media by every misspelled name.

Whenever a Starbucks post hits the Internet, more and more people are influenced to buy the product. Other social media users want to see how the Starbucks baristas might misspell their name so they can show their friends online. In doing so, people are "perpetuating the frothy cycle of control."

"That's right, sheeple – you've been giving Starbucks free publicity for years!" the narrator said.

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Do you think Starbucks misspells names on purpose?

[H/T YouTube: Super Deluxe]


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