Pulse Nightclub Footage Released

New body camera footage has been released from the massacre in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse nightclub.

The video shows Orange County sheriff's deputies rushing to the scene and trying to get people out of the building. Multiple body cameras show just how many people were in the nightclub and how dangerous this situation truly was.

On June 12, gunman Omar Mateen opened fire in the gay nightclub and killed 49 people and left 53 others wounded. Mateen was later killed by SWAT team members.

Some of the images were quite disturbing and show the horror and chaos at the scene. Footage shows the police officers rushing into the nightclub with gurney after gurney as they attempted to save as many victims as they could.

Only a week ago, audio recordings were released by the City of Orlando from the 911 call Omar Mateen made to the police. During the conversation, the police negotiators were unsure whether the person they were speaking with on the phone was actually in the Pulse nightclub.

Not all of the video that was taken during the hours following the shooting was released because it was too graphic, according to TMZ.

Earlier this week, the city of Orlando arranged to purchase the Pulse nightclub and eventually convert it into a memorial site.

Check out more body camera footage here.

What are your thoughts on this newly released footage from the Orlando shooting?



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