Soul Singer Wayne Cochran Dead at 78

Beloved soul singer Wayne Cochran has died. He was 78.

Best known for his classic song "Last Kiss," Cochran died at his home in Miramar, Florida, after a cancer battle, according to Miami-Herald.

Cochran was known as the "The White Knight of Soul" and was easily recognizable due to his wild pompadour hairstyle.

His rockabilly classic "Last Kiss," was a heartbreaking teen tragedy about young lovers in car accident that was lauded. It was given new life in 1999 when Pearl Jam covered the song, introducing it to a new generation.

Additionally, he was influential to numerous artists including Rod Stewart and peer Elvis Presley.

Cochran left the music industry in the '80s and became a pastor, where he married his passions for music and faith.

"He couldn't be quiet about music, and he can't be quiet about the Lord," an unnamed fellow pastor told the outlet.


Cochran is survived by his two children Christopher Cochran and Cindy Warford, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Funeral services have not been announced as of press time.