Sam Smith Reveals Hair Transplant Surgery

Sam Smith is showing off their "stunning" hair transplant while sharing their skincare and makeup routine with Vogue. The "I'm Ready" singer didn't shy away while talking about the cosmetic procedure, saying they feel like they have "nothing to hide" when it comes to getting the transplant, despite keeping it private until now.

"So, I haven't actually spoken about this before. So I'm gonna speak about it, 'cause I don't actually feel like I have anything to hide," Smith said. "But I was losing my hair, here, about two years ago, and so my hairdresser Paul basically said he thinks it would be a good idea for me to get a transplant and to look into it." After looking into the procedure, Smith went to Ireland and had it done, and the results are fantastic. "How stunning is it?" they asked. "It's nice to have hair. But also if I was bald, I would still own it too because bald is beautiful."

Also in the video, Smith shared that Lady Gaga inspired them to fully embrace their non-binary gender identity. "Gaga is probably the reason why I actually came to terms with my gender. I was 15 when The Fame came out and I was obsessed with Lady Gaga," the musician recalled. "She gave me complete permission to be myself and to be proud of my queerness. It was a form of expression, but it was also weirdly a form of protection." Part of embracing that true identity is wearing makeup, which Smith noted is a "form of expression" for every gender. "Last year, when I changed my pronouns and really spoke out about my gender expression and my gender fluidity, I started falling in love with makeup all over again," they shared.

Smith has always been non-binary, the 28-year-old told Apple Music's Zane Lowe earlier this week, but officially came out in March 2019 to the public. "I've always felt the way I felt. When I changed my pronouns, things got complicated for sure," admitted Smith. "I felt a need to be presenting — all the time. It took time; it took real time."

Still encountering people who mistakenly use he/him pronouns has been a struggle. "I've had to just go into myself and try and deal with it in a real kind way and patience, and just know that everyone's working on this. It's going to take time," they said. "We're changing a language here."