Paris Jackson Reveals She Underwent Emergency Surgery

Paris Jackson underwent emergency surgery on Friday, as she revealed in a video posted on Instagram the following day.

Jackson had a concert to play on Saturday with her new band, The Soundflowers. At the last second, she was rushed to surgery to have an abscess removed. As she explained in a video on the band's Instagram story, however, she didn't let that stop her from playing.

"So long story short, I had surgery yesterday," she said. She explained that she was suffering from "an abscess that was almost the size of a golf ball." Her doctors couldn't let the pus-filled affliction remain, as if an abscess pops, "you can go septic and die."

"But I didn't die," the 20-year-old singer concluded. "They operated immediately."

Jackson is the daughter of Michael Jackson. In this instance, she showed the same dedication to showmanship that he always did, by refusing to accept anesthesia for the surgery. She explained that she "was awake for all of it," ensuring that she would be coherent enough to perform later in the day at Canyon Sessions.

"It was definitely the most pain that I've ever been through in my entire life," she admitted.

The show was near and dear to Jackson's heart for a couple of reasons. For one thing, the concert was part of benefit for a charity organization called F— Cancer. Jackson was ecstatic to help raise money in the fight against the disease, but she was also pleased to play in front of her grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

"We played a show today, and we didn't completely suck, and my f—ing grandma was there, and I'm so relieved that she didn't hate it, that she actually liked it," she said. "And, I don't know, that means the world to me."

(Photo: Instagram / Paris Jackson)

Katherine, 88, has raised some of the biggest icons in American music, so Jackson was overjoyed to have some of her praise.

"I can't believe my grandma made it to our second live show ever. and she actually liked it!?!!! I was s—ing my pants," she wrote in another post on her personal Instagram. "I love you so much grandma. I'm so happy we got to play for you and to play for such an incredible cause."


While she made it onto the stage, Jackson said that it was no small feat, and it took some time to recover from surgery.

"Also sorry if I sound weird, I'm on a lot of meds right now to kind of get me through the pain of the procedure," she said in her Instagram Story. "I shouldn't have even left bed today."