Nipsey Hussle Funeral Drive-By Shooting: Here's What The Internet Is Saying

Social media is shocked after a funeral procession for late rapper Nipsey Hussle ended with a [...]

Social media is shocked after a funeral procession for late rapper Nipsey Hussle ended with a drive-by shooting.

As fans gathered to pay their respects to the late Nipsey Hussle, who passed away at the age of 33 on March 31 following a shooting, a drive-by shooting along the 25.5-mile procession route ended in one person dead and three people injured.

"In the midst of this procession we have a multi-four shooting at 103 Street and Main Street," Chief Michel Moore of the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted following the Thursday incident. "Victims are 3 male blacks and 1 female black — ages from 30- 50 years old. Tragically one is deceased. We must stop this senseless violence."

The news that the procession had ended in the same violence that cost Hussle his life shocked the late rapper's fans and others on social media, who were quick to take to Twitter with their reactions.

"First of all I knew in my heart something was going to happen but I wanted to have hope that we could actually act like a nation and stop all this," one Twitter user commented. "I said to my mother earlier today while I was watching the beautiful service that I hope things don't go sideways ...[what the f—]."

"This is so senseless I can feel physical pain! This is the 21st century and so barbaric! Satan gotta go!" another added.

Several others pointed out that the shooting occurred hours after Hussle's funeral procession and at an intersection that the procession did not pass by.

"The funeral services, cars, and [people] were no where near there!" one person wrote. "U may want to retract that statement .. don't try to link the two together."

"When you say 'midst', what do you mean? Because the procession didn't go near Main and 103rd," another person added. "Don't tarnish this day by trying to connect this shooting to Nipsey's memorial."

"The procession ended around 7:00pm on Crenshaw and 39th, the procession was in Watts around 3pm or 4pm.... 103rd and Main were not on the route." A third added. "I'm confused how this happened in the 'Midst if the Procession'...Why link the two together?"

Hussle is survived by his longtime girlfriend, Lauren London, and their 2-year-old son Kross. He is also survived by his daughter from a previous relationship, Emani.

The man accused of shooting the rapper, 29-year-old Eric Holder, pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a felon during an initial court appearance.