Ellie Goulding Breaks Some Crushing News to Her Fans

Ellie Goulding has some unfortunate news for fans who were looking forward to her upcoming album, Higher Than Heaven. On Monday, the singer revealed that the album would be delayed to March 24. As Retro Pop Magazine reported, Higher Than Heaven was originally set to be released on Feb. 3. 

Goulding issued a statement to her "incredible fans" on Monday about the unfortunate delay. Her message came alongside a video that featured a sneak peek at her next single. Goulding thanked fans for their patience and explained that the delay is due to "some exciting opportunities appear behind the scenes which I cannot wait to share with you in due course." Even though she didn't have the best news to share about her album, she did have an update about her next single, "Like a Saviour."

According to Goulding, "Like a Saviour" will be released "soon." She explained that they have already shot a music video to go along with it, adding that it's "one of my favourite videos I've ever done." Goulding continued to write that she wanted to share a sneak peek of that video to thank her fans for "bearing" with her. But, that isn't the only thing that she has in the works. The "Starry Eyed" singer added, "We also shot something really exciting this past weekend that'll come around the album's release. More on that very soon."

Goulding ended her Twitter thread by once again thanking her fans, writing, "Thank you all so much for sticking by me. I can't wait to finally share this record with you all on March 24 and I hope you love it as much as I do. Sending you love & warmth as always, Ellie." When Goulding previously opened up about her album, he explained what vibe fans can expect from Higher Than Heaven. As she explained, she was in a place of "darkness" over the past couple of years that greatly had an effect on her new music. 

"There was definitely a darkness about [the past two years] that was palpable in the studio, with everyone having gone through it differently," Goulding explained. "I think for that reason, nobody wanted to sit and agonise over some relationship or some drama. So that's how this album came together." She continued, "['Higher Than Heaven' is] about being passionately in love. But it's a hyper form of love, almost like a drug induced feeling. It feels almost artificial and there's the potential for a crash."