Donald Glover Reportedly Ends Show Early Due to Foot Injury

Childish Gambino fans are worried about the rapper after they said his concert in Dallas ended early on Sunday night. Ticket holders speculated about a foot injury while others complained of not getting to see the full set, with Donald Glover not coming out for an encore and therefore not performing his songs "Redbone" and "3005."

Dubbed what he has called Gambino's final tour, the This Is America tour kicked off earlier this month. Fans were disappointed when the show in Dallas ended abruptly, with Reddit users speculating that he injured his foot and was forced to end the show early.

"The most disturbing thing is before he exited the stage he said 'I'll see you soon' as if he was expected to do an encore. This implies the paramedics made him stop as if something was seriously wrong," one concert-goer wrote on Reddit.


"They just announced on the PA, the show is over," another person wrote after many wondered aloud what was going on.


Fans also took to Twitter to complain about the shortened show, wondering if the rumors were true about his injury.

"Childish Gambino apparently hurt his foot mid concert and dipped out. Everyone is so confused but I've been sitting in my seat for 20 minutes cause I think it's all a trick to see who the true fans are..." one Twitter user wrote.

"I was at the Childish Gambino concert and it ended so weirdly. He just kinda left the stage and... never came back. He's such a performer and I hope he's okay. Just felt empty. We didn't get Redbone or 3005," someone else said.

"Did @donaldglover really just his concert in Dallas early... No redbone, no 3005 no sweatpants??? Wtf!!! #ThisIsAmericatour," said another.


"@donaldglover Put on a fantastic 'Experience' tonight. Ended a bit abruptly, if the rumors are true hope you're okay. Don't listen to these angry rats you're still my favorite artist. Look foward to your final Gambino album, thank you for making Dallas apart of your final tour," one fan said.

Neither Glover nor his team has made an announcement about the Dallas show.