Canadian Police Force Drunk Drivers To Listen To Nickelback

Don't drink and drive, especially in Kensington, Prince Edward Island in Canada. Police in the town recently posted that anyone caught drunk driving would receive a special, Canadian kind of punishment – they'd be forced to listen to Nickelback all the way to the police station.

Officers posted their warning on their Facebook page, complete with a photo of a cassette tape of the Canadian band's 2001 album "Silver Side Up." On top of the fun filled tunes of Nickelback, drunk drivers will also get a fine, a suspended license, and have to face criminal charges.

"We figured if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you," the post read.

The post was written not only to make a point and remind everyone of the dangers and consequences of drunk driving, but also to give residents a bit of a laugh. Even though the boys of Nickelback are from Canada, residents know that the band is the butt of every joke.

"Poor Nickelback. They take the brunt of a nation's joke, and I'm sure they're crying all the way to the bank," Constable Robb Hartlen said.

As it turns out, one of the reasons why the department chose to play Nickelback, as opposed to one of the other mediocre bands out there, is because Kroeger was pulled over for drunk driving in 2008.

Needless to say, don't be like Chad Kroeger, don't drink and drive, especially if the punishment it Nickelback.


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