Brandy Recalls Meeting Whitney Houston 'At The Top' In Exclusive Audible 'Words + Music' Clip

Brandy has always been open about her love and admiration for Whitney Houston. It was when she saw the icon on television for the first time that she knew she wanted to be a famous singer. In her upcoming Audible Words + Music project, the Grammy-award-winning singer details some of her most personal wins and losses that contributed to the woman she is today. One of which was meeting Houston for the first time. The project, titled Brandy – A New Moon, premieres on Dec. 2.

"I had three dreams: to be a star, have a band, and meet Whitney Houston," the future Cinderella begins in the exclusive clip. She then tells the story of how she nearly met Houston when she "hustled" her way backstage at one of her concerts. In her Driven VH1 special, her cousin recalled her convincing security to allow her to change her seat from the nosebleed section of the arena, to the front row, and eventually backstage. But when she got back there, Houston was gone. But it was her mother and eventual manager, Sonja Norwood, who told her that her time to meet Houston would come. "You're going to see Whitney at the top. That's where you're gonna meet her," Norwood told her daughter. And that day eventually came.

Brandy was scheduled to perform at the 1995 Kids' Choice Awards, the same year Houston was the host. Her debut self-titled album was released a year prior, and she'd released the successful singles "I Wanna Be Down," "Baby," and "Best Friend." In nearly every interview, Brandy made sure to tell reporters about her love for Houston. She even paid tribute to Houston in a song on the album titled, "I Dedicate." Her moment had finally come to meet her idol.

"She had gotten word on how much I adored her…at rehearsals, I see this woman coming toward me. It was Whitney. I couldn't believe that it was really her. I was taken aback that I ran from her," she explained. Houston embraced the young starlet, and it sparked a close bond until Houston's death in 2012.

They collaborated on the 1998 television film Cinderella, in which Brandy was the first Black woman to play the Disney princess, with Houston starring as her fairy godmother and an EP on the film. Since Houston's death, Brandy has honored her in various musical tributes, television specials, and beyond. Ironically, Houston died on Brandy's birthday, Feb. 11.