Bebe Rexha Slams Married Football Player for Continuing to Text Her

A football player slipped into Bebe Rexha's text messages with hopes to apparently flirt with her, but the singer was having none of it — especially since the unnamed man is married.

On Friday, the "I'm A Mess" singer shared screenshots of the messages she received from the player on her Instagram Story, prefaced with the question, "Do you ever have that one guy that always comes in and out of your life? And they are cheaters and waste your time."

She then shared a look at the messages, which started off with the man asking when he will see her, referring to Rexha as "my friend."

(Photo: Instagram/Bebe Rexha)

"I'll be performing on New Year's Eve. On NBC. Happy New Years my Friend. Xo," Rexha replied.

The man continued to bug her though, clarifying that he meant "not on TV."

"I'll be performing in San Jose in January," she replied.

While Rexha did not reveal the player's name, she did spill other details about his personal life, notes TMZ.

"You're married and have three kids. Be a good role model and play your sports and leave me the f– alone," Rexha wrote. "Don't be texting me 'my friend' especially if you're a married man. Sorry. That s– don't fly with me. Go back to playing football. If only you guys knew."

(Photo: Instagram/Bebe Rexha)

Rexha then posted a poll, asking her fans if they think it is OK for a married man to refer to a single woman as a "friend" in text messages. Most replied "no."

"I feel bad for writing that, but it's how I feel," Rexha, 29, wrote in her final message on the subject.

Rexha will perform "Imagine" at Times Square on New Year's Eve as part of NBC's broadcast. Diana Ross, Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, John Legend and Blake Shelton will also perform from New York, while Keith Urban and Brett Young's performances in Nashville will be included. Jennifer Lopez will also sing her Second Act song "Limitless" live from Los Angeles, reports Billboard.

Rexha is best known for her hits "I'm A Mess," "Me, Myself & I" with Florida Georgia Line and "In The Name of Love" with Martin Garriz. The singer released her debut solo album Expectations in June.

"I put so much blood, sweat and tears into it," Rexha said of the album in a Billboard interview. "I was always scared to release an album because I wanted it to be so great and I'm such a perfectionist. It was the first piece of work I put out that I was super proud of."


NBC's New Year's Eve coverage kicks off at 10 p.m. ET on Monday. Carson Daly, Chrissy Teigen, Lester Holt and Leslie Jones are hosting from New York.

Photo credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images