Multiple Bassnectar Fans Accuse DJ of Sexual Misconduct

Bassnectar is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Fans of the all-star DJ, whose real name is Loren Ashton, have begun flooding social media with stories detailing past instances, which he addressed Thursday in a statement on Twitter.

"I am stepping back from my career and I am stepping down from my position of power and privilege in this community because I want to take responsibility and accountability," the festival-prone DJ wrote in the post. "I feel intense compassion for anyone I may have hurt. I truly hope you allow me a chance to work together toward healing. The rumors you are hearing are untrue, but I realize my past actions have caused pain, and I am deeply sorry."

Ashton then went on to write that he was handing off control of his nonprofit, Be Interactive, "to a diverse team that will continue without my involvement moving forward." In closing, he teases he may speak more about the accusations in the future, "but for now, please take care of each other and I wish you the brightest future."

The accusations against Ashton have even been catalogued in an Instagram account, @evidenceagainstbassnectar. While it's only been active since June 28, there are dozens of stories lifted from social media, each recounting an alleged incident with the DJ. As it notes in the bio, the "content posted has been collected from public platforms and submitted by many individuals."


Ashton marks the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual misconduct in recent weeks. After months of reports, charges were recently filed against That 70s Show star Danny Masterson, which detail multiple allegations. Before the charges, the actor lost his starring role on the Netflix sitcom The Ranch. More recently, actor and comedian Chris D'Elia was also accused of grooming numerous underage girls using his social media account. Like Masterson, D'Elia has denied the charges against him.

In the wake of the accusations of D'Elia, Amazon has opted to remove an episode of Workaholics' first season that featured the actor, who interestingly enough was playing a pedophile. He played a similar character in the Netflix series You, which prompted co-star Penn Badgely to speak out about the matter to the Los Angeles Times. "What is really important is to recognize ... the practices, the regulations, the laws that underwrite every one of these systems that act as a haven for the individuals that take advantage, namely white men," the actor explained.