Oscars 2019: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Seating Arrangement With Girlfriend Irina Shayk Sparks Speculation Among Social Media

Fans might not be the only ones noticing chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. At the 2019 Oscars ceremony Sunday night, fans wondered if Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was sitting in between the stars on purpose.

Within minutes of the show's start, the camera panned on the A Star Is Born co-stars, with fans immediately taking to Twitter to wonder why they weren't sitting next to each other.

Considering the timing of Gaga's recent breakup with fiancé Christian Carino, many fans of the film are convinced of romantic feelings between Gaga and Cooper. Those same fans wondered if Shayk's seating placement was more calculated than what appeared.

"Um, why aren't Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sitting next to each other? Give the people what they want!!!" one Twitter user wrote.

"i am living for bradley cooper's girlfriend/baby mama sitting between him and lady gaga. yes girl you keep your man secured," another joked.

"Irina sitting in between Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper like she knows what we're ALL thinking," someone else said.

"irina shayk sitting between lady gaga and bradley cooper and girrrrrrrrl, i would be too," one person said.

However, anyone familiar with the Oscars' strict seating chart knows that there is likely no drama between Gaga and Shayk, as they were all three simply sitting where the Academy wanted them to sit.

During the show, Gaga and Cooper took to the stage to perform their already-iconic duet from the movie, "Shallow," which won for Best Original Song, earning Gaga her first-ever Oscar award. Gaga gave an emotional speech to mark the moment, starting by thanking her co-writers, her family and Cooper.

"To my sister, my soulmate, I love you. My family's here, I love you, Mom and Dad. Bradley, there is not a single person on the planet that could've sang this song with me but you. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you so much," she said.

She told viewers at home that the award was a result of "hard work."


"And if you are at home, and you're sitting on your couch and you're watching this right now, all I have to say is that this is hard work. I've worked hard for a long time, and it's not about, you know...it's not about winning. But what it's about is not giving up," she continued. "If you have a dream, fight for it. There's a discipline for passion. And it's not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you're beaten up. It's about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going."

Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty