Indoraptor Attacks in New 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' NBA Playoffs Commercial

A new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom teaser comes accompanied with an NBA playoffs ad.

The teaser combines footage from several previous spots, including footage of the volcanic explosion that will threaten Isla Nublar's entire population. It also introduces the Indoraptor, a new monster that poses a threat to everyone, including the Toronto Raptors' Kyle Lowry.

The trailer reveals some new shots of dinosaurs and humans working together to survive the island's catastrophe. In addition, it teases a more sinister conflict, orchestrated by human antagonists rather than natural chaos.

"Jurassic World, the island, all of that is in the past," recites an unidentified character in voice-over. "I want to show you the future," he says, as a crowd stares horrorstruck at something trapped in a cage.

"What is that thing?" asks Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard.)

"They made it," answers a little girl eerily.

The trailer also plays heavily on Owen Grady (Chris Pratt)'s relationship with Blue, the one member of his raptor pack to have survived the first movie. The two appear to spend much of the movie rebuilding the bond of trust between them. Hopefully it pays off, as the new threats featured in the trailer leave little hope for the genetically engineered dinosaur population.

The third trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is set to officially drop on Wednesday, April 18. The movie hits theaters on June 22, and fans are already clamoring for the new addition to the beloved franchise.

The film will feature cameos by one of the stars of the original Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum, whose monologue plays over many of the trailers and teasers released so far. Even fans who had a luke warm reaction to Jurassic World will likely turn out for Fallen Kingdom in order to see Goldblum reprise his role.

Unlike the original Jurassic Park series which began in the '90s, Jurassic World was planned as a trilogy from the very beginning. Colin Trevorrow, who directed Jurassic World and co-wrote Fallen Kingdom, explained as much during an interview in December.

"I remember telling Steven [Spielberg] even while we were making the first movie, 'This is the beginning. Here is the middle. And here's the end of the end.' This is where we want to go," Trevorrow said. "I feel like that kind of design is crucial to a franchise like this if you really want to bring people along with you and make sure they stay interested."

"It needs to be thought through on that level," he continued. "It can't be arbitrary, especially if we want to turn this into a character-based franchise with people who you lean in to follow what they're going to do."