'Matilda' Actor Bruce Bogtrotter’s Transformation Over The Years

For Bruce Bogtrotter, the term 'transformation' seems like a massive understatement.

If you recall, Bruce Bogtrotter was the chocolate-eating hero of Maltida, going up against the villainous Trunchbull. The hefty character was played by actor James Karz, who hasn't been seen much since the 1996 film. Other than a brief appearance in The Wedding Singer in 1998, Karz has pretty much disappeared.

bruce bogtrotter now
(Photo: TriStar / Facebook)

So, what does Mr. Bogtrotter look like nowadays? Honestly, you'd never recognize the actor if you ran into him on the street.

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Bogtrotter was known for his size, but Karz has trimmed down significantly since then. The actor has a slim figure and a neatly-trimmed beard - nothing like the messy chocolate cake that covered his face in Matilda.

According to Good Housekeeping, Karz has been up to quite a bit since Matilda was released over 20 years ago.

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After going to college when his acting career was through, Karz worked at MTV, volunteered with low-income families, and is currently studying medicine in Philadelphia.

While acting is in the past, Karz did re-enact the famous Trunchbull vs. Bogtrotter bout with Pam Ferris in 2013. You can check out the full video here!