Linda Hamilton Returning for 'Terminator 6'

Linda Hamilton's return to the Terminator franchise is made fully official with the debut of a new photo of the actress from the set of Terminator 6.

Both James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger have previously spoken about Hamilton coming back to the fold, but this the best evidence to date that fans have seen of the original Sarah Connor.

In the new photo that emerged from the set of the new Terminator film, Connor is sporting a short, bleached blonde haircut while donning a military-style bullet proof vest.

Earlier this month, speculation began to emerge that Hamilton was beginning filming for Terminator 6, after a fan-snapped photo of the actress surfaced from Madrid, Spain.

Fans who had been following the film's production schedule noted that Madrid was where the film crew landed before moving on to Almeria to begin official production.

In addition to Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire, Blade Runner 2049) has also recently been announced as starring in the film.

One fan on Twitter theorized that perhaps "Sarah has a daughter in this movie," which might potentially be viable as Davis could easily pass for Hamilton's daughter.

(Photo: AMC)

While this is Davis' first time joining the Terminator series, Hamilton was one of the original stars.

She appeared in the first Terminator film alongside Schwarzenegger back in 1984, and then reprised her role as Sarah Connor in the iconic Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991.

Since then, there have three other Terminator films: Terminator 3:
Rise of the Machines (2003), Terminator Salvation (2009), and Terminator
Genisys (2015).

Notably, her voice was used in Terminator Salvation, but that was an uncredited role.

After appearing in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Hamilton somewhat scaled back on the number of film she starred in, only taking on five more roles during the 1990s. Most notably, she appeared in the disaster film Dante's Peak with Pierce Brosnan.

Since 2001, Hamilton has only appeared in seven films in a significant capacity, but has turned up in a number of TV series.


She made appearances in shows such as According to Jim, Thief, and Weeds, before taking on a more developed role in the NBC hit Chuck. In that series, Hamilton played Mary Elizabeth Bartowski, the estranged mother of the title star, played by Zachary Levi.

At this time, the actress has not directly spoken about returning to the role she originated 34 years ago, but fans will be able to see Hamilton in action again as Sarah Conner when the new Terminator film land in theaters in 2019.