Larry the Cable Guy Opens Up on Potential Future ‘Cars’ Projects with Pixar, Disney (Exclusive)

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy released his first solo standup special in more than a decade, Larry [...]

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy released his first solo standup special in more than a decade, Larry the Cable Guy: Remain Seated, on April 7. This set was filmed in Joliet, Illinois, and marked his return to the stage for a longer set. It also brought about questions about other future projects. Specifically, will he be working on a new special or lending his voice to any more animated characters?

Speaking with Pop Culture in an exclusive interview, Larry said that he is not planning on cranking up his touring schedule following the release of his new special. He's far more focused on his family and joked that he won't release more material for "another 10 years." That being said, he's open to another potential project. Larry would certainly be willing to once again step into the role of the cartoon tow truck, Mater.

"Well, I'll tell you what I don't know, but if you hear, let me know and I'll call Owen [Wilson]," Larry said in reference to any future Cars movies or projects. "Because that's what we're trying to figure out. You know what, I don't know. That was a fun thing to do. Obviously it's one of the only Pixar movies. It's got its own theme park. I just feel that they probably know that they've got this Disney thing up and going. You would think if you put in a billion-dollar theme park, you probably got to keep putting fuel in the tank. You would think. So I don't know."

Whether or not this project does surface in the coming months or years, Larry did explain that he's forever grateful for the previous opportunities. Voicing the old tow truck changed his life, and he will not take that for granted. One reason is that it will provide his kids with a more unique way to connect with him throughout their lives.

"I mean if they don't do one, I am extremely fortunate, blessed, and happy to be able to be Mater and do such a fun, iconic character," Larry said. "And if they don't do another one, I am extremely happy that I was able to do that. And if they do do it then we'll do another one and I'll be happy with that. It was a part of my career that is really awesome cause I have kids. When I'm out of here and my kids are old, they can always hear [their dad's] voice on some kind of a little cartoon. I mean it's just a really neat thing and I'm just very blessed and thankful that they asked me to do it."

Larry doesn't know if the future holds any more releases in the Cars saga, but he will be open to participating if something happens. For now, however, he will simply be focusing on the release of his new special and spending time with his family. He will make decisions about potential projects when they surface.

Larry the Cable Guy: Remain Seated is out now on the Comedy Dynamics Network. It is available streaming on iTunes, Amazon, and on VOD through cable providers. The next special coming out on CDN will be Dan Cummins' Get Outta Here; Devil! on April 28th.