Jo Koy Talks Working With Steven Spielberg on 'Easter Sunday' (Exclusive)

The Jo Koy movie Easter Sunday is out on Blu-ray and DVD now, and it's a film that was something Koy always wanted to do. But Koy never thought he would be working with Steven Spielberg to make the movie possible. In an exclusive interview with, Koy talked about how Spielberg got involved with Easter Sunday. 

"My special Coming in Hot came out on Netflix, and that's the one Steven Spielberg watched," Koy exclusively told PopCulture. "And he brought me in for a meeting at Amblin. He wasn't there, but he brought me in. He made it happen. I met with Holly and Jeff, the two head execs there. And they said Steven wants to make a movie with you. And I was like 'Steven from accounting? Who are you talking about? There's no way you're talking about Mr. Spielberg. It's impossible. You're talking about Jurassic World?' ... And I pitched Easter Sunday in the room and they bought it the minute I said that's the idea."

Easter Sunday was produced by DreamWorks Pictures and Amblin Partners which were both co-founded by Spielberg. Koy said that as soon as he pitched Easter Sunday, the production of the film got rolling in a hurry, which was surprising for him. "I couldn't believe how fast it was moving," Koy said. "Even my agents were like, 'This is crazy.' Like they couldn't believe how fast this movie was moving."

Koy also said Spielberg made Koy part of the entire process while filming. "I went through all the cast," Koy said. "Selecting writers, selecting directors, I mean that was all me. And that was all because they told me that they want this to be exactly how I wanted it. It was, it was, it was crazy, man."


Spielberg stays busy as he continues to direct and produce award-winning movies. But he made sure he helped Koy make Easter Sunday the best movie possible. "He was a part of the steps too," Koy said. "Like he made his selection on the cast. It was so crazy. We would make one selection, a selection and he was like, 'No I have an idea for this person.' And I'm like, 'Oh okay, yeah.' So we'd have to look at that person again. And it's just like, 'Oh yeah you were right, Mr. Spielberg.'"