'Jackass Forever' Stars Rachel Wolfson and Poopies Reveal Most Painful Stunts (Exclusive)

Jackass Forever stars Rachel Wolfson and Sean "Poopies" McInerney both endured some painful stunts for the hit movie, and they recently opened up about what hurt the most. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com. Wolfson compared two of her stunts: Scorpion Botox or The Mime Game, wherein she tased her own tongue. "Definitely the scorpion hurt more," she confessed. "I had never been bitten in the lip by a scorpion before. So that was for sure more painful."

Wolfson continued, "We used a couple [of] different kinds of scorpions and the one that was shown, I mean the one that was shown, they used two other kinds. So I got bit in the lip multiple times by multiple different scorpions that have different kinds of venom." She clarified that the stunt did not leave her with any long-term negative side effects, saying, "So my lip was swollen for a couple of days and I could feel it in my lymph nodes, but I think that was just the body getting rid of whatever venom foreign object that was inside of me. But there was nothing that... no long, no permanent damage or anything."

When it comes to Poopies' most painful stunt, that came from the Jackass Shark Week special, which served as a promotional event for the new film. During the special, Poopies did a high-speed wakeboard jump into some shark-infested waters and ended up getting bit on his hand. Show us the scars, he said, "Nothing's worse than that. That's the f—ing gnarliest of gnarliest, my friend."

"This is the gnarly part. This right here is the skin graft. But it only goes like that far," Poopies continued, revealing what kind of mobility the stunt left him with. "Doesn't really do too much, bro. But I'm still surfing. I'm still surfing and riding my one tins around some, back at the Poopies grown lifestyle. It's all good."

While the stunts can be painful, Wolfson says it was "inspiring" to see the longtime cast — including Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O — jumping headfirst into many of them. "I mean, it's just, you're watching comedic stunt geniuses really give their whole lives to something. And I love the fact that age isn't stopping them. It actually makes it funnier in my opinion. And I think they agree. So I find it to be inspiring."

Poopies later joked, "They were a little rusty. I had to give them a couple of tips. They're rusty on a couple of things but they killed it." Jackass Forever is now available to own digitally, as well as on Blu-ray and DVD.