Halle Berry in 'John Wick 3': See the First Photo

The first official photo of Halle Berry from John Wick: Chapter 3 has dropped, as the actress will be playing a new character to the film franchise.

In the photo posted to the films official Twitter page, Berry's Sofia can be seen donning an all-leather outfit and being flanked by two large dogs that appear to be German Shepherds.

While practically nothing is known about Berry's character at this time, a caption on the post explains that she is "a woman on a mission."

Presumably, Berry will be playing a fellow assassin, but it is notable that her character is given a real name rather than a nickname like many of the other characters in the John Wick films.

For example, four new actors were recently announced for the film alongside Berry. Anjelica Huston will be playing The Director, Asia Kate Dillon will be playing The Adjudicator, Mark Dacascos will be playing Zero, and Jason Mantzoukas will be playing the Tick Tock Man.

Additionally, there is Laurence Fishburne's Bowery King who first appeared in John Wick: Chapter 2.

While there is no confirmation at this time, the fact that the Berry is being given a real name could possibly insinuate that her character will be important to Keanu Reeves' John Wick in other ways. She could even potentially be a "ghost" from his past, as it were.

While Reeves is obviously returning for the third film in the franchise, Fishburne is also back, as are both Ian McShane and Lance Reddick.

John Wick: Chapter 3 will be released on May 17, 2019, and recently was teased as having a different title. The film's cinematographer, Dan Laustsen shared a photo from the film's set of a clapperboard bearing the title John Wick 3: Parabellum.

The term "Parabellum" means "prepare for war" in Latin. It derives from the phrase, Si vis pacem, para bellum, which is translated to say, "If you want peace, prepare for war."


John Wick 3: Parabellum appears to have simply been a new working title for the film, as was Alpha Cop, a working title that was previously reported.

Falling in line with the title structure of the first two films — John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 — the new movie is simply titled John Wick: Chapter 3, but the working titles do make for fun speculation as to what may happen in the film.