Eddie Murphy Gives Hope for Another 'Shrek' Sequel

Eddie Murphy is on board for another Shrek sequel – in fact, he's a little surprised it hasn't happened yet. The 61-year-old comedian is currently promoting his new Netflix original film You People, but he also answered a question about Puss in Boots: The Last Wish during a recent interview with ETalk. Not only did Murphy say he would sign on for a sequel or a spinoff, he wondered why this movie focused on Puss in Boots rather than his character Donkey.

"I'd absolutely be open if they ever came with another Shrek, I'd do it in two seconds. I love Donkey," Murphy said easily. "You know, they did Puss in Boots movies. I was like, 'They should have done a Donkey movie. Donkey is funnier than Puss in Boots.' I mean, I love Puss in Boots, but he ain't funny as the Donkey."


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Murphy looked at the camera as he concluded: "Dreamworks, if you all want to do it, just call me. I'm ready. I'm sitting and ready to do Donkey."

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish premiered at the end of December and has had a strong theatrical run through the holidays and the new year. It stars Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek as Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws, while introducing several new characters to the franchise. Familiar characters and actors like Murphy were missing from the sequel.

Murphy's time in the Shrek franchise remains one of his most iconic performances. He took center stage in the first film in 2001 as Donkey, a gregarious talking animal donkey that found a kindred spirit in Shrek (Mike Myers) as both were considered outcasts among the other fairy tale creatures. He maintained the role for years, appearing in Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After, as well as TV specials, series and video featurettes extending into 2017.

Shrek Forever After in 2010 was the last movie with the titular character's name in the title, while Puss in Boots premiered in 2011. The Last Wish may be a step towards reviving the franchise, as a possible fifth Shrek film has been discussed for years. The latest news from trad publications states that a script for Shrek 5 may have been written already, and that producers from The Last Wish may be involved. However, Dreamworks has not commented on these plans for a while now.

Of course, a standalone Donkey movie would be another prospect altogether, but many are as excited by the idea as Murphy. For now, The Last Wish is still playing in some theaters and the earlier Shrek movies are streaming now on Peacock.