Watch: Danny McBride Trailer For 'Crocodile Dundee' Sequel

The trailer that every fan of Danny McBride didn't know that they needed has been released: Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home.

Go ahead and hit play up above, we'll wait....

If you kept reading, here is the gist: McBride is set to reinvigorate a franchise that fell flat after a soaring opening act and two unsuccessful sequels with his brand of comedy mixed in with the hijinx of the Dundee that many have come to expect.

To answer other obvious questions: Yes, McBride is the son of Mick Dundee.

Yes, Paul Hogan is returning to play Mick Dundee.

Yes, he will wield a bowie knife and say, "That's not a knife -- this is a knife."

McBride spoke with People about the project -- which had been kept exceptionally well hidden -- and said that there isn't much mystery to his character.

“I’m not going to lie to you, to be a real Crocodile Dundee, I think 95% of it is the vest and then 5% is just being able to not fall down and stay on your feet,” McBride told the magazine.

Hogan also chimed in with his tip of the bushman hat to nostalgia.

Crocodile Dundee is a film that has stood the test of time,” Hogan told People. “It was a defining moment in my life and one of my proudest accomplishments. Throughout the past few years, I’ve been thinking about how to bring Dundee to a new generation. I’m excited to introduce the new Crocodile Dundee to the world and look forward to sharing more news about those involved very soon.”

The movie does not have an official release date, but is expected sometime this summer.