'Bad Trip': Lil Rel Howery Reveals Scene That Caused Him to Walk off Hidden Camera Comedy Set (Exclusive)

Netflix just dropped the brand new hidden camera comedy Bad Trip, which stars Eric Andre and Lil [...]

Netflix just dropped the brand new hidden camera comedy Bad Trip, which stars Eric Andre and Lil Rel Howery as two friends on a wild and ill-fated road trip. The film features a number of insane pranks on real people, and one of those scenes actually caused Howery to completely walk off the set of the movie. While speaking exclusively to Pop Culture, Howery shared that a scene they shot "the first day" pushed him over the edge and he "literally walked" away.

The scene in question depicts he and Andre's characters having woken up from a drug-fueled bender only to find they've gotten their penises stuck in either side of a finger-trap toy. The two men run around town trying to get someone to help them get free from the woven shackle that binds them. If it just sounds jaw-droppingly insane try to imagine how real people, in the real-world, would react to encountering this in real-life. At one point they run into a barbershop to try and get someone to help them and this is where things go awry.

A gentleman inside the establishment responded to the baffling sight before his eyes, two men hopelessly attached at the crotch by a wicker tube, by unsheathing a knife. Not to cut them free, mind you, but to threaten bodily harm. He chases Andre and Howery out of the shop, and they try desperately to get away from him without getting stabbed. After it was all over, Howrey had enough.

"I left and walked to the hotel. I didn't say nothing to nobody. I was so mad," he revealed. Howrey then revealed that he called one of the movie's other stars, Tiffany Haddish, to fill her in. "I called Tiffany that day and told her everything that happened," he said. Haddish seemed to come to his defense, as he shared that Andre later told him that she called him after speaking with Howery and asked, "Did you almost get a Lil Rel killed?" Howery says that Andre offered a sheepish "yeah," to which she replied, "Man, can I be in his movie?"

As for the knife-wielding fella they were pranking, Howery says he told them, "Hey man, I almost killed y'all," but had no problem signing the release to be in the movie. "He went from wanting to kill us, to being excited about being in a movie. He had the rage in his eyes and then literally they cut, it's a movie, [and] he's like 'Oh man, that's crazy. Where do I sign because I almost killed y'all. That's crazy. Literally almost murdered you two.'" Bad Trip is now streaming only on Netflix.