Anne Hathaway Asks Matthew McConaughey to Kill Her Husband in New 'Serenity' Trailer

Anne Hathaway has a solemn request for Matthew McConaughey in the latest trailer for next year's thriller Serenity.

Hathaway and McConaughey are co-starring in this upcoming thriller, which takes place in an ominous town on Plymouth Island. McConaughey plays a fishing boat captain named Baker Dill while Hathaway plays his ex-wife, Karen. Few details about the story are made clear in the trailer but one thing stands out: Karen's request for Dill.

"I will give you $10 million to drop my husband in the ocean for the sharks," she says.

The clip offers a few shots showing that Karen's new husband — played by Jason Clarke — is abusive and violent. From the looks of it, he may also be aware of her schemes. Meanwhile, other characters of unclear loyalty beg the fisherman not to do it, which seems to imply that he is perfectly capable of murdering Karen's husband if he chooses to.

According to the synopsis provided by Aviron Pictures, Karen is also concerned for the young son she shares with Dill. She hopes that their child will convince Dill to do things her way.

The trailer also teases just how big of part the setting will play in the story. Plymouth Island appears to have some mystical qualities in the movie, perhaps serving as a kind of focal point for magical realism. When Dill asks another character how long he has been on the island, he responds: "It feels like we've all been here forever."

The movie is written and directed by Academy Award nominee Steven Knight, known for other ambitious projects like Netflix's Peaky Blinders and the 2013 film Locke starring Tom Hardy. He has taken on some more mainstream work as well, as he is apparently writing the script for World War Z 2.

This is the second trailer for Serenity. The first came out just one month ago, and teased the same basic plot points. It featured many of the same shots, but with more voice-over from McConaughey as Dill.

Many fans are excited for the project, as it brings Hathaway and McConaughey back together for the first time sine Interstellar in 2014. It will also reunited McConaughey with Djimon Hounsou, who appeared together in Amistad back in 1997.


Serenity hits theaters in the United States on Jan. 25, 2019.

Photo Credit: Aviron Pictures / Graham Bartholomew