This Man Spent A Massive Amount Of Money To Look Like David Beckham

In an effort to look just like soccer superstar David Beckham, one English teen named Jack Johnson has spent over 25k on cosmetic surgeries.

The 19-year-old is currently unemployed and collecting benefits from the government. He told the hosts of This Morning that he has already spent $25,497 (assuming current exchange rates), and plans to spend another $40,000 more. To be fair to Johnson, he hasn't used his government checks for the surgeries. Instead, he is around 25k in debt and will likely add 40k more if he follows through with his plans.

Perhaps the most cringeworthy part of the story is that even after spending a small fortune...Johnson still looks nothing like David Beckham. He has gotten Botox and tanning injections, lip fillers, teeth fillers, and now wants to get a gastric band surgery to be slim like the sports star. However, he does not resemble David Beckham in any recognizeable way.

Phillip Schofield of This Morning asked Johnson, "Isn't that going to make you sadder, knowing you don't look like David Beckham and you are incredibly in debt?" Johnson answered no.

"I will be happy if I look like David Beckham, I want his lifestyle," Johnson explained.

While co-host Holly Willoughby tried to urge Johnson to spend time on his mental wellbeing and positive self image, social media wasn't so gentle. Twitter users absolutely roasted Johnson.

What advice would you give to 19-year-old Jack Johnson about his pursuit of looking like David Beckham?


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