The Exact Moment Jennifer Aniston Finds Out About Brangelina Is Pure Shock

Now that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have split, everyone is wondering what Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston has to say. The look on her face is one of pure shock.

jennifer aniston
(Photo: Twitter / @JustJared)

The Friends alum actress was in New York City when photographers caught up with her. Between the snapshots, photographers asked her what she thought about the Pitt-Jolie split. Her face looked shocked, but perhaps with a hint of a smile? Of course, she could be more shocked at the photographers and questions than the actual news.

According to Us Weekly, Aniston doesn't harbor any ill will against Pitt or Jolie, though she does believe that their split could be an act of karma. Pitt and Aniston broke off their marriage because Pitt fell for Jolie on the set of their movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so the Brangelina split would certainly be karma for that.

"She always got the sense that something would happen with them eventually," a source said about Aniston. "She didn't feel that Angelina was truly the one who Brad was meant to stay with. She always felt that Angelina was too complex for him. He's a pretty simple guy."

Of course the source also said that Aniston never wanted or wished any bad luck on the pair. She wasn't secretly hoping they would fall apart – they just happened to on their own.


So, despite her shocked look in her latest photos, Aniston probably had an inkling that something wasn't right between Brangelina. But, it's none of her business, she will just stay happily married to her husband, Justin Theroux.