Soon-To-Be Mother Literally Twerks So She Can Have Her Baby

A woman in labor was trying anything in order to get her baby out. In a desperate attempt, the [...]

A woman in labor was trying anything in order to get her baby out. In a desperate attempt, the soon-to-be mother filmed twerking to help expedite the process of giving birth.

The woman was seen with her knees resting on the hospital bed while moving her rear end to the beat of the hip-hop music playing in the background.

"Twerking the baby down, y'all," the woman taking the video said. "I guaranteed you've never seen a labor and delivery like this."

"I never thought I'd be encouraged my daughter to twerk," the woman said. "But it wasn't my idea y'all, it was the nurse's."

Media Takeout shared the video on Facebook with the caption: "Pregnant Woman Was Having DIFFICULTY Giving Birth...So The Nurse Helps Her...To TWERK THE BABY OUT!!! (And Yes...Both Mom And Child Are DOING WELL)."

Since sharing on Facebook, the video has gone viral and received more than 321k views in addition to thousands of comments.

After the footage made its way on to the Internet, some social media users explained that hip movement was standard procedure for women attempting to give birth.

"This is nothing new," Facebook user Angel Hamrick wrote. "It's no different than walking, using an exercise ball, rocking, etc. You do what you have to in order to help deliver & eliminate pain. Not to mention she probably had pain meds & couldn't get up to walk."

Facebook user Amanda Rose empathized with the birthing mother.

"Until you have experienced the pain of labor and child birth, you have know (sic) idea the lengths you will go through to ease the pain and take your mind off of it," Rose wrote. "Twerk away if it helps!"

While the twerking may have seemed strange to some, at the end of the day; the woman delivered the baby successfully and they are both healthy.

What was your reaction to seeing this woman twerking to help deliver her baby?

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