San Diego Chargers' Keenan Allen Officially out for Season

San Diego Chargers confirm that wide receiver Keenan Allen has injured his ACL and will not be playing for the remainder of the 2016 season. The injury happened during the Week 1 opener and since then the Chargers have since decided to activate Joey Bosa from the exempt list.

Keenan Allen 2
(Photo: Twitter / @Chargers)

"Keenan means everything to the team and everything to us," teammate Melvin Gordon said. "Obviously, I'm close to Keenan. He's hurt, and it's a sad moment that you hate to be part of. He has all the ability in the world, and he'll come back stronger than ever. I truly believe that."

Allen is a hard player to replace, even for just one season, but the Chargers will likely add a wide receiver to the active roster. Though it's still unclear as to whether or not the team will promote someone from the practice squad, or bring in someone from the outside.

"We'll evaluate who that player is and who is available. Whether you have someone you're bringing up from the practice squad or someone that is not on a current roster right now, you take into consideration also how quickly can that player play for you," said Gordon.

As of right now, Bosa is still "day to day" recovery with a hamstring injury. So, he will continue to work with trainers until he is ready to practice with the team. Gordon says that they are literally taking it day by day, which means he could very well be ready to play tomorrow.


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