One-Arm-Dangling Teen Busted For Climbing World Trade Center Rises Again

The New Jersey teenager once busted for climbing to the top of the 1 World Trade Center two years ago has struck again, and it is obvious that he has not learned his lesson.

18-year-old Justin Casquejo has been sharing dozens on social media showing the teen and his friends dangling off the sides of several skyscrapers in Manhattan. The most recent YouTube video shows the alarming footage of Casquejo and his friend dangling from one arm off the scaffolding hundreds of feet above the city.

In March of 2014, Casquejo received a light punishment for the major security breach at the WTC. He broke into an under-construction Central Park high-rise with one of his friends. They recorded the incident and shared the footage on YouTube under the username LIVEJN, which is also Casquejo's Instagram handle.

Casquejo has shared a slew of snaps of himself and friends scaling the skycrapers in Times Square, Columbus Circle, and near the Empire State building.

The New York City firefighters have not taken kindly to the teenager's stunts.

City firefighter blog, writes, "Should the thrill seeker's selfish acts fail, it will tie up highly trained technical-rescue resources and put members at risk."

"In this day [and] age, this is completely unacceptable," the bloggers wrote.

When Casquejo was first caught two years ago, he then 16-year-old had crawled through a hole in the fence at Ground Zero then slipped past a sleeping guard. He then took the stairs before climbing the scaffolding to the top of the 1 WTC, according to the New York Post.

The police said that he was charged with defiant trespassing and resisting arrest after he tried to run from cops.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Felicia Mennin let him off without jail time, even though Casquejo admitted to breaking a city misdemeanor law against scaling tall buildings without permission.

He was ordered to 30 days of community service, and made to undergo counseling. Another part of his sentencing was to write a 1,200-word essay on the dangers of the stunt.

Casquejo has been posting the photos from his insanely risk stunts on Instagram with photos being shared as recently as Sunday evening.

What do you think about this teenager's wild stunts?


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