Netflix Launches Genius Marketing Campaign

Netflix just dropped one of the most brilliant ad campaigns that is both creative and effective. The marketing team created a series of missives penned from the point of view of the streaming service's most iconic female protagonists such as Queen Elizabeth II from The Crown, Sophia Burset from Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, and talk show host Chelsea Handler.

The team behind the upcoming show The Crown created the campaign in order to shine a light on the diverse characters and "the real-life challenges and issues modern women face every day." The letters are meant to provide a little self-provided foresight and encouragement to each of the female characters.

Queen Elizabeth II (The Crown)

"Use your grace, even when you stumble," Queen Elizabeth writes. "Always know who you are, and you will never be afraid of the truth. And the stronger your resolve, the easier it will be for people to believe in you."
(Photo: Netflix)

Sophia Burset (Orange is the New Black)

"You are not alone," Sophia writes to herself. "You stand with anyone who's ever questioned or doubted who they really were."
(Photo: Netflix)

Jessica Jones

"Your greatest weakness is that you occasionally give a damn. What doesn't kill you makes you stranger...or stronger." Letter JessicaJones English V4
(Photo: Netflix)

Chelsea Handler

"Go out of your way to help people who need it. Tell your mother you love her. Don't take yourself too seriously. We're all a bunch of idiots." Letter Chelsea English V1
(Photo: Netflix)

This last missive from Chelsea Handler might be the most timely given that the talk show host was distraught about Hillary Clinton losing the election.

On Wednesday night's episode of Chelsea, the Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea author got choked up when discussing Tuesday night's shocking events.

"Obviously the result is not what I was hoping for," she said in the opening commentary. "Like a lot of people in this country I'm sad, I'm disappointed and I'm confused, but if Hillary [Clinton] can make it through a concession speech then I can make it through a stupid television show."

Check out why Chelsea Handler was so emotional about the Presidential election here.

Do you think this latest Netflix marketing campaign will make you want to watch their shows more?


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