Miles Teller Has Been In A Bad Car Accident

On Thursday night, Miles Teller got in a car wreck that caused his truck to flip over after colliding with another vehicle, according to TMZ.

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The Whiplash actor was not injured but two passengers in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital. Teller was reportedly not at fault in the accident, according to law enforcement sources.

The 29-year-old actor was driving his blue Bronco through San Fernando Valley late Thursday evening with his girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry. An Uber driver allegedly pulled out in front of Teller and his truck flipped over in the collision landing on its side.

As you might imagine, Teller was infuriated when he got out of the truck. He was screaming at the Uber driver, "You f***ed up my truck." Apparently he was so enraged by the situation that other bystanders had to restrain him from attacking the other driver.

Fortunately Miles Teller was not hurt in the accident, and hopefully the injured passengers in the Uber vehicle will have a speedy recovery.

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