Man Drives Himself To Prison After Stabbing His Father

A 32-year-old man from Texas drove himself to an Oklahoma prison after allegedly killing his own father. This past weekend, Jeshur Robinson was found sitting in parked truck covered in blood outside of the prison.

Robinson is the sole suspect in his father's killing in Dallas, according to what law enforcement officials told People magazine. He is now awaiting extradition while he remains in custody. Court records show that Robinson's bail was set at $1 million.

61-year-old Glen Williams, Robinson's father, was found dead in his Texas home on Saturday, December 24.

Police authorities investigated Williams' home and noticed there were "obvious signs" of a physical altercation and struggle leading up to the murder. The detectives on the scene noticed that Williams' truck was not at the house, and proceeded to issue a statewide message in an attempt to find the missing vehicle.

While the Texas investigators were pouring through the evidence at Williams' home, the police in McAlester, Oklahoma were simultaneously responding to 911 calls of a man behaving suspiciously in the parking lot at the Oklahoma State penitentiary.

When the officers approached Jeshar Robinson, he was seated in his father's truck, according to law enforcement officials. The officers allegedly detected blood on Robinson's hands and clothes. There were also blood smears on the vehicle.

Law enforcement authorities also alleged that Robinson attempted to get rid of a bloody knife that he had on his person before being apprehended.

The police officers say they discovered illegal drugs in Robinson's truck.

This isn't Robinson's first run-in with the law. He previously served time in prison for drug possession convictions as well as a prior theft charge.

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