Little Girl Shows Real Commitment to Her 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costume

A true Halloween costume transformation takes commitment, and no one showed more commitment than 10-year-old Charlie, daughter of NBC reporter Tracy Connor. Charlie wanted to be Eleven from Netflix's Stranger Things. So, naturally, she decided to shave her head.

The main heroine from the hit Netflix show has been a popular costume this Halloween, but few girls have committed like Charlie. Many have opted for Eleven's blonde wigged look, but Charlie decided to go with a different look – the lab patient look, complete with a crushed coke can, an Eggo Waffle, and a buzz cut.

In the Connor household, Halloween is a big deal. Pre-packaged costumes are a no go, and creative costumes are encouraged. However, even Connor was surprised when her daughter wanted to shave her shoulder-length hair.

"We started watching Stranger Things a few weeks ago and she is in love with the show," Connor said. "She just announced that she wanted to be Eleven and cut off all her hair."

Connor admitted that she had a few momentary freak outs when she realized that her daughter was actually going to go through with the cut. At first, she said that it was perfectly fine for her daughter to do it not thinking she would go through with it. Apparently Charlie stuck to her guns.

"I think you need to use the clippers," Charlie said to the barber when he gave her a crewcut instead of a buzzcut.

Now that is commitment!


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