Kim Kardashian Robbery Possibly An Inside Job, According To Sources

The highly-publicized Kim Kardashian robbery that went down early Monday morning has the appearance of an inside job, according to TMZ's sources.

While there has been no evidence or statements released from the authorities at this point, sources involved in the case have reportedly indicated the Kardashians and the police believe that the robbers were tipped off as to the right time to strike.

(Photo: Instagram / Kim Kardashian West)

The theory has some merit in light of the fact that Kim's bodyguard was with Kourtney and Kendall at the time in a nearby nightclub. There was an extremely small window of time for the robbery to be pulled off, and somehow the two criminals were able to know exactly when to take action.

The robbers first approached the concierge at gunpoint in the lobby. He let them up to Kim's apartment unit and then was taken back downstairs with the robbers after the jewelry was stolen.

While there has been no hard evidence released at this point that has confirmed the ordeal was an inside job, the possibility does seem very likely.

The Kardashians have not suggested that bodyguard Pascal Duvier was involved in the incident. However, the family believes that someone tipped off the robbers as to how they could get in and out without being detected.

TMZ sources claim that the police are checking various people's phone records that were in and around the building.

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Do you think the Kim Kardashian robbery could have been an inside job?