Kendall Jenner Gets Blasted By Swimsuit Model Kim Alexis

While Kendall Jenner may have millions of fans around the world and on social media, there is one person who definitely deserve have anything praiseworthy to say about the 21-year-old's model career: former swimsuit model Kim Alexis.

Alexis not only blasted the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star but also one of her BFF's Gigi Hadid. Both are two of the most popular models in the world and have rocked the catwalk at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

During an interview with WWD, Alexis spoke out to size up today's models. Alexis claims that it's harder for models nowadays to make it off pure talent, but rather the occupation has become more of a popularity contest.

"I don't feel these young girls can be supermodels as easily, because the actresses have taken the covers and the makeup, the skin care and all the different ads. So you don't really see the models in anything other than the editorial," Alexis said. "It seems that social media has taken away the skill and it's more the following, and how many people you can get to follow you. Now people are cheating and they're buying followers. It's silly."

Alexis said that she doesn't even know who many of the top models are.

"I don't know their names. Do you?" She continued by saying, "I don't like Kendall and Gigi I'm overwhelmed by them. They're just everywhere. I want to see someone who didn't have fame before. And it's more for her beauty versus both—one who earns it."

Alexis explained that she was busy attending to her family to keep up with the rise of social media, so she wasn't given the advantage that Kendall and Gigi were during their rise to stardom.

Kim Alexis
(Photo: Instagram | Kim Alexis)

"My youngest son has nine varsity letters, so I was traveling with him all over," she said. "As a mother, I did the right thing. But I missed out on staying current with some of my business. I just walked away from it all."

What are your thoughts about Kim Alexis's comments on Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid?

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