Jennifer Lawrence's Butt Causes Near Fatal Rockslide

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she may have angered some ancient Gods by using her surroundings to help relieve some personal discomfort. In other words, she rubbed her butt too hard on a pile of rocks, causing boulders to tumble down a hillside towards the film crew, which narrowly avoided collision.

Lawrence appeared on the talk show alongside Passengers co-star Chris Pratt and chef Jamie Oliver, who was describing his attempts to cook a traditional meal in a nontraditional way. On the subject of angering cultures and traditions, Norton segued to a story he had heard about an instance of Lawrence going against traditions, which caused a nervous Lawrence to reply, "Oh God, how do you know about this?"

According to the star, she was in a wetsuit while filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, when she had learned that a precariously piled formation of rocks held a sacred tradition. However, personal relief outweighed tradition and she used the rocks to relief some discomfort, not thinking there would be repercussions.

Lawrence learned the hard way to not mess with tradition, as the power of her butt-itching wedged some of the rocks loose, causing them to roll down the side of the mountain where she was filming and crash into their film equipment and coming close to harming the film's sound guy. Residents thought this was retribution for the stones being disturbed, but Lawrence revealed she's the only one who caused any curses.

Check out the video above to get the full details of the incident, complete with butt-scratching pantomime. Here's hoping that Jennifer learned her lesson and hope that her butt doesn't cause anyone else any harm.


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