How Sudden Changes Could Be the Key to Improving Your Life

(Photo: iStock)

No matter how big or small disruptions may be, change is not one of the most welcomed aspects to our lives even though it is an inescapable part we must frequently adjust to.

When life abruptly changes and most times in a negative way, we often find it difficult to steer through the storm. Everything appears dark and cloudy, and we can’t seem to find a way out of the sudden squall. But while the shadows seem like a viable spot to stay in, there’s always a light shining somewhere else full of hope, faith and valuable lessons despite the stress and anxiety induced from something you never really asked for.

Regardless of what you go through in life, it’s important to “turn and face the strange” — as David Bowie would say — and acknowledge that even the most drastic changes that flip your life upside down can actually turn it all right-side up.

Reduce negativity
Some changes force us into a self-imposed depression from a reality we never imagined. But even though drastic changes might level us, it’s important to acknowledge them and realize they happened for a reason. Depending on how you see the proverbial half-full or half-empty glass, sudden adjustments in hindsight harness a power that help to declutter your life of negativity or stagnancy that might hinder your well-being or potential.

Become more mindful
When life gets hard, it seems difficult to understand the “why” of it all but know that the journey ahead comes only because you’re prepared for the next step. As a tool in helping you become more self-aware through controlling your perspective, sudden changes aid in a more mindful being. Whether you’re spiritual or not, changes help you figure out how to grow as a person and become more resilient. No matter how it feels and what you might come across, slight deviations off the path you imagined for yourself are learning curves for a more attentive you.

Explore new possibilities
The beauty of change is that it challenges our adaptability as we’re constantly forced to explore new opportunities when they present themselves. It might seem daunting, especially when you consider how some changes might signal failure, but change doesn’t always have to be bad even if certain aspects initially stem from something traumatic. Instead, changes help you overcome hurdles as you take advantage of a clean slate and push yourself through your own personal perception for new solutions.

Evaluate circumstances and relationships
Through a little self-reflection, changes can help you to evaluate where you are in life and where you ideally want to be just by examining current conditions and relationships. Not only do you get to see what you took for granted, but you have a clearer picture of the good things that make up your life — and that includes all your circumstances and relationships. This is the key to help you focus on the positives that bring you peace of mind during tumultuous times, and breathe a new found confidence into your daily routine.


Increase compassion
Before we finally accept change, it can often feel like the spin cycle on the washer as we move through a series of mental and emotional stages. But as soon as the dust settles, you see your life with a more controlled perspective that expands past your own experiences. Everyone goes through changes and as you go through your own, you see life and people in a new light. Along the way you become more compassionate because of the lessons learned in your own circumstances, while lending a hand when needed. Moreover, you begin to see how all of us are connected and we are not alone in the continuous stream of change.

Enable self-trust
Whether good or bad, sudden changes help you to trust yourself and intuition as you navigate through life’s challenges. What might look scary or strange now is in retrospect a valuable life lesson that will help you to develop a better sense of self. By accepting changes and having faith in your circumstances, you will feel more confident and empowered simply by understanding lessons. Along the way, you start to see how you can make better decisions and choices with the realization that happiness is still within reach. After all, your perception is your reality so only you make up how your life should be.