Household Hacks: Vicks VapoRub


All mothers know to rub Vicks VapoRub on their child's congested chest to help her cough less and sleep better at night, but did you know these other household uses for Vicks VapoRub? This list will have you adding VapoRub to your grocery list for sure.

Soothe achey muscles: After a particularly exhausting workout, your muscles can be super sore. After stretching them properly, rub some Vicks VapoRub on those muscles. It's a lot cheaper than Icy Hot or Bengay, and the mentholated rub will increase circulation and aid your sore muscles almost instantly. (via Divine Caroline)

Foot moisturizer: Ditch the expensive shea butters and use some old fashioned Vicks on your dry, cracked feet. Simply apply a generous amount of VapoRub on your feet, wrap 'em up in a pair of socks and let the Vicks work overnight to restore your beautiful, smooth skin. VapoRub can also work as a moisturizer on your lips, too! (via Latina)


Cure toenail fungus: It sounds gross, but if you think you or one of your kids might have a toenail fungus, rub some Vicks on the toenail for a few days. After a couple days, the nail will turn a dark color, which means the Vicks is fighting the fungus. The dark part of your nail will grow off and you will be left with fungus-free feet! (via Divine Caroline)

Keep the kitty from scratching: If you can't seem to break your cat from the habit of scratching doors or furniture, try rubbing some VapoRub on those areas. Your feline won't be able to stand the smell of the mentholated rub and she will finally leave your furniture alone. (via Divine Caroline)

House train the dog: Is your pup not quite grasping the concept of going to the bathroom outdoors? Leave an open container of VapoRub in the areas he likes to mark his territory in the house. He will avoid the spot for the same reason the cat won't scratch the furniture — he won't be able to stand the smell. If your little four-legged pal is extra curious or mischievous, you'll want to keep an eye on him and the Vicks container to make sure he doesn't get into it. (via Divine Caroline)

Cure your headache: Next time you have a headache and are out of Advil or ibuprofen, try rubbing a little VapoRub on your temples and forehead. It will work to release the pressure in your head and provide quick relief. It's the same concept behind chest and sinus congestion! (via Divine Caroline)

woman headache

Prevent infection: If one of your kids comes running to you with a paper cut or splinter, rub some Vicks on the affected area. Similar to Neosporin, it will keep the cut from getting infected and speed up the healing process. (via Divine Caroline)

Substitute for bug spray: Dab a few dots of Vicks on your skin and clothing to keep mosquitos and other bugs at bay. Or, if you get bit before you have a chance to apply bug repellent, use VapoRub as an anti-itch cream. (via Divine Caroline)

Clear your zits: This doesn't work for everyone, but next time you have a particularly large or painful zit, dab a bit of Vicks on it and let it do its work overnight. You might wake up to clearer skin! (via Que Mas)

clear skin

Soothe minor burns: After running a burn under cold water, rub some Vicks on it for quick relief. This will only work for minor burns, however. If your burn is severe, you should still head to the emergency room immediately. (via Que Mas)


Stop the squeak in doors: When there's no WD-40 around, try using VapoRub as an oil on door hinges to stop the annoying squeak when it opens or closes. (via Que Mas)

What are some ways you use Vicks VapoRub around your house? Let us know in the comments below.