New Details Emerge In Mysterious Death Of Minnesota Sisters On Exotic Vacation

What happened to two sisters took a dream vacation to a luxurious tropical island, but died mysteriously two days before they were due to come home?

Today has the story, of Robin and Annie Korkki, sisters from Minnesota who were on the trip of a lifetime in Seychelles, one of the most luxurious vacation spots in the world.

They were staying in an $1,800 a night villa and staff reports having to help them to their room after a day of drinking the night before they were found dead in bed last week.

Autopsy reports there was no trauma, but both women did have a fatal amount of excess fluid in their lungs. But where the fluid came from is unknown so far.

The sisters' family are now in Seychelles desperate for answers about what caused two capable, healthy, seasoned world traveling women to seemingly drop dead. We're wondering what happened here as well.

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