Donald Trump 'Neck' Picture Gets Epic Photoshop Treatment

During a recent closed-door meeting with roughly 25 members of the press, president-elect Donald Trump voiced his concern over how the media has been displaying him. Not how they've been sharing his policies, his comments, or his tweets, but literally just the pictures they choose to show of him. When word of his grievances came out, the internet wasted no time in posting the least flattering images of Trump they could find, including the one below:

Obviously, with the internet being the internet, Photoshop experts went the extra step to embed the PEOTUS' jowls into as many pictures as they could find, to sometimes hilarious results.

And that's just the beginning! As you can imagine, a quick Google search will lead you to see plenty more Trump, possibly more than you bargained for, and we doubt he's going to like any of these images one bit.

Which Photoshop is your favorite? Post it in the comments!


[H/T Uproxx]