Does Eating Pineapple Really Make Your Vagina Taste Sweeter?

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This question puts 'you are what you eat' to the ultimate test… But why are we asking this crazy question in the first place?

Apparently, some married ladies admit to trying a 'pineapple diet' ahead of their wedding nights and guys are chugging pineapple juice right before receiving a beej, hoping to sweeten the taste of their own personal 'juices'.

With all these drastic measures being taken, experts weigh in: does eating or drinking pineapple actually change your taste down there?

Daytime TV's favorite scrub-wearer Dr. Mehmet Oz says yes! "Everything you eat changes the smell and the taste down there—everything," Dr. Oz said on The Real. He notes that pineapple, per say, isn't better than other healthy fruits and veggies, but it certainly will make a difference in your personal aroma.

Other experts sort of agree with the TV host's claims. Sex therapist Dr. Madeleine Castellanos tells Buzzfeed Health that our bodily fluids—sweat, saliva and vaginal secretions—can all be influenced by your diet and lifestyle habits. But you can't expect one can of pineapple juice to counter the steak you ate the night before; she says it's more about your overall diet than one pre-oral encounter pineapple binge.

And while we certainly value the opinions of doctors and sexperts on this topic, we want to know: what do ~normals~ have to say on the hot-button issue?

A Cosmopolitan writer and her man each tested out the 'pineapple diet' for a few days and scheduled an oral sex date to test their hypothesis—the science project of the century, if you ask me.

Their verdict? Upon finishing the, erm, experiment, she said his semen "tastes like nothing [in a good way]!" and he described her lady parts as "sweet… you really did taste good."

But before you head to the grocery for a cartful of pineapple products, check out this interesting piece of info: While one study found that eating large amounts of pineapple makes your juices taste sweeter, it also says that, regardless of what people eat, men enjoy the taste of women more than women like the taste of men. So it turns out that your man doesn't really care whether you taste like fruit when he's going down on you.

At some point, we seem to have forgotten that a vagina is supposed to smell and taste like a vagina, not a tropical paradise-scented air freshener. No matter how much pineapple you eat or drink, your vagina won't end up as a DIY piña colada. In most cases, the scent and taste of your lady parts is perfectly fine and you have no reason to fret over it or feel the need to change it.

If you're really looking for a sustainable, not all-pineapple routine your vagina will thank you for, just follow a couple of simple steps.

First, keep a healthy diet loaded with fruits and vegetables. "Any fluid you concentrate in your body is going to taste more like the things you eat than the things you don't," Oz explained. "That's why you can smell it in your sweat sometimes."

And though he doesn't recommend this (nor do we!), Oz says you can clearly taste evidence of his claims between smokers and non-smokers, regardless of their diets. Things like red meat, garlic and coffee can also make the taste and smell down there more pungent.


Finally, be sure you're cleaning your best girl properly! Feminine washes tout they can leave your vulva fresh with the scent of a tropical paradise, but they may also lead to infection and make things smell less than fresh. It's best to opt for good ol' mild soap and water.