Your Ultimate Guide to Finding a Soulmate

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Is there someone out there made for each one of us? For years, movies and TV have shown us it's true—arriving in the form of Richard Gere or Derek Shepard (aka "McDreamy")! Sigh. But while you might not find your soulmate in one of Hollywood's hottest, two-thirds of Americans believe in this romantic concept that is more than just some Hallmark notion. To help recognize your soulmate, Womanista breaks down the cosmic types and signs you need to pay attention to.


Companion Soulmates

These soul mates help us learn lessons, arriving in the form of our lover, spouse, family member, co-worker, or acquaintance for a short period to help us along our life's path. Generally work-oriented within the relationship, these types of soul mates are well mated and compatible. However, their union doesn't signify a permanent relationship. They may have experienced similar lives to us and are our mirror, but not in every form.

Karmic Soulmates

Karmic soul mates come together strictly for teaching valuable life lessons or working out personal issues. Initially drawn through romance, these types of relationships find two souls sharing needs or past trauma, but soon diminishing into a difficult and thorny relationship that doesn't last very long. That said, it keeps returning until we understand what it means to our soul and acknowledge the hard truth.

Twin Flames

Seen as the highest form of any connection and sharing a unique destiny, twin flames are our pure other half. It's like finding ourselves! Conversely, there is often a higher purpose in the Universe for the two, tragically keeping them apart. True twin flames know and understand where there is potential for the greatest love, there's also potential for the greatest pain.

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1. Supportive

With a similar guiding compass, this person is one of the most supportive individuals in your life. Knowing your deepest vulnerabilities and fully aware of your feelings, their support is not only important to your evolution, but much like the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, helps fill in your cracks to toughen your core.

2. Similar morals and values

Although hobbies and interests change over time, shared fundamental values and beliefs don't. If you and your soul mate connect on an ethical and spiritual level, chances are you will remain tightly woven. According to Michigan State University, things that keep a relationship long-term are shared values, goals, sense of humor and outlook on life.

3. Communication is a breeze

When your subconscious has considered someone a true mate, chances are you've bared every insecurity or vulnerability to them. Even when it seems personal and dark, you more secure in sharing as a result. Of course, tension arises at times but knowing you can tell them anything without being judged is one of the most candid tenants in a soulful relationship. If you can't be open or honest, that's a surefire sign of someone whose energy doesn't match your own.

4. Sparks passion

When someone inspires you to be your best self, there's a good chance they're your soul mate! With no desire to suppress or distract from your creativity, they act as catalysts to catapult you into the life you've dreamed of. They've seen you fully live—not just exist, with hopes to spark your passion to really kick start your true goals.

5. Gives you chills


Listen carefully to your body. If you feel your heart beat a little faster while talking to them or a wave of chills throughout your body, it's a sign of your gut telling you this person is "the one." Even if the situation isn't ideal or they're not your "type," your gut is telling you otherwise, so follow it.

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