Chris Pratt Pulls Off Hilarious Card Trick On The Graham Norton Show

While making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt showcased [...]

While making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt showcased one of his many talents: magic.

The 37-year-old actor was joined by his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence, as well as Black Eyed Peas rapper Will I. Am on the show. When host Graham Norton requested that Pratt perform a card trick for the audience, the Jurassic World actor happily obliged.

Pratt then asked the audience for a volunteer, but Will I. Am spoke up and offered to do the honors. The card trick, which Pratt dubbed "Two 4's," involved splitting the deck into three stacks before placing the top card up on the outer piles.

After instructing Will I. Am to show the audience his card, Pratt closed his eyes while everyone observed that the musician had pulled an Ace of hearts off the top of the middle stack.

Will I. Am then placed the card back in the deck, and shuffled several times.

After thumbing through the stack for an awkwardly long amount of time, Pratt tried to give himself a bit of a buffer by announcing he gets four chances to find Will I. Am's card.

"I told you this only works half of the time," Pratt said, "So if it doesn't work, I'm going to be very embarrassed."

Pratt finally held up a card saying, "I think I got it."

As it turns out, Pratt definitely did not have the correct card. In fact, he didn't get it in any of his four attempts.

Despite the magic trick appearing to be an epic fail, Pratt finally pulled through at the end to everyone's surprise. He placed the stack of cards in Will I. Am's hand, and then smacked all the cards away except for one: the Ace of hearts.

No one was more shocked than Jennifer Lawrence when Pratt managed to pull off the stunt. Even though the magic trick wasn't exactly David Blaine quality, there's no denying that Chris Pratt is a natural born showman.

Check out Chris Pratt's hilarious card trick from The Graham Norton Show above.

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