Chilean Navy Has Admitted It Can’t Explain UFO

The Chilean Navy has admitted that there is definitely something strange going on in this video. New footage appears to show a "UFO" flying in the country's airspace.

In November of 2014 during a routine coastal patrol sweep, a military helicopter caught the bizarre footage. The unidentified aircraft, which was spotted in the sky in broad daylight, was captured using the chopper's infrared camera, according to the New York Post.

While moving across the sky, the UFO was seen hovering amongst the clouds and appeared to be giving off some form of gas exhaust.

The pilots on the helicopter made several attempts to communicate with the aircraft, but were unsuccessful.

One of the most curious aspects of the story is that neither airmen were able to see the UFO on their screens, even though the aircraft was detected by the Navy helicopters.

According to the Huffington Post, air traffic controllers confirmed that there no other aircraft had been authorized to fly in the area where the UFO was spotted.

For two years, the Chilean government agency, the CEFAA, has been conducted a thorough investigation into the matter.

Despite the lengthy examination of the footage and interviews with the pilots, air traffic controllers, and radar operators; the CEFAA still has no idea as to what the potential UFO could have been.

"We do not know what it was, but we do not know what it was not," the Director of CEFAA, General Ricardo Bermúdez, said during the investigation.

Bermúdez also spoke to the airmen after the incident.

"I was very impressed by these witnesses," Bermúdez said. "They were highly trained professionals with many years' experience, and they were absolutely certain that they could not explain what they saw."

For all of those conspiracy theorists out there, other inexplicable stories that have surfaced online recently include: a Chinese astronaut hearing a strange knocking on his spaceship, an alleged Russian Yeti sighting hits the Internet, an astronaut yelling "Earth must be warned" before attempting suicide a UFO expert spewing black liquid in the moments before his death, UFO expert spewing black liquid only moments before his death, and a video of bikers getting stopped on back road of Area 51.

Check out the video above to see the alleged UFO.

Do you think this video captured a UFO?


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